Thursday, March 09, 2017

Life in Guam

Guam DHX photoDHX - Dependable Hawaiian Express started shipping to Guam from the continental USA in 1981, when Founder, Ron Massman, bought a company that shipped to Guam for a grocery distributor. When current president Brad Dechter joined DHX - Dependable Hawaiian Express in 1982, the Guam trade lane became the first trade lane for which he was responsible. Since DHX - Dependable Hawaiian Express was shipping from California to Guam at that time, Guam helped with the future direction of the company: helping to refine their mainland trucking network to cover more inland points. Also, it helped them to replace their delivery agent on the Island and realize they needed to begin shipping from Guam to California.

Lessons learned in the microcosm of the Guam trade were eventually used across all services. As DHX - Dependable Hawaiian Express listened to the needs of their Guam customers, they changed their name to help the local customers feel their specific needs were being addressed. In 1989, the company opened their trucking operation on Guam, which was so successful it became the impetus behind opening future trucking operations in Hawaii. DHX - Dependable Hawaiian Express also opened shipping from Guam to California and the rest of the USA, an eastbound service similar to their operation in Hawaii. Eventually Mr. Dechter became president of the Forwarding Group of the Dependable Companies and was thankful for his Guam experience that helped to launch his subsequent career.

DHX - Dependable Hawaiian Express wants to thank their many friends in Guam that helped them develop their business on the island and meet the many, diverse needs of the local businesses there.

“Thank you to the people of Guam for the opportunity to handle your shipping to Guam (and Saipan) as well as being good people and helping us in our quest to be the best at shipping to Guam!” -- Brad Dechter, President, DHX - Dependable Hawaiian Express.

Shipping Between Australia and the USA

Australia DGX PhotoShipping to Australia from the USA has some unique requirements that a qualified freight forwarder such as DGX can easily help with. Specific Australian shipping rules include:
  • Invasive species and their extermination
  • Import permits required by Australia for certain items shipping to Australia from the USA
  • General USA export rules regarding items permitted/not permitted to be shipped to various countries
  • Title validations for certain machinery and vehicles
  • The type of pallets that can be used
  • The types of vehicles permitted entry
  • Decontamination requirements
DGX is experienced with all of the ins and outs of shipping to Australia, after all that's what you would expect and that's what you will get.

There are also very specific rules when shipping from Australia to the USA which are not the same but just as important to be handled thoroughly. These rules include:
  • Insuring that your cargo shipment to the USA from Australia is safe to come into the USA and does not represent a threat to anyone 
  • Being sure it’s declared appropriately for customs clearance purposes
  • And that the U.S. government knows what's coming into our country 
It’s one of the reasons DGX is a C-TPAT member – to facilitate your shipments entry from Australia into the USA.

Whether located in Australia or the USA, these rules are important to both the importer and exporter, because one mistake can make a tremendous difference in whether you recover your property or whether the expense to get it back becomes so great you chalk it up to being a lost cause.

So whether shipping to Australia from the USA, or shipping to USA from Australia, do yourself a favor and use an expert. That’s what an experienced, customer-service focused freight forwarders like DGX does so well!

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

DHX - Dependable Hawaiian Express - Ocean Freight History

DHX - Dependable Hawaiian Express Ocean Freight Container Service Whether we load them ourselves or our customers load them, DHX - Dependable Hawaiian Express specializes in container shipping to Hawaii (and Guam). We’ve built an excellent reputation within the communities we serve by opening operations in the major port cities to better serve our customers. We’ve made it a point to be members of the community, to live and work alongside those we do business with.
Shipping containers to Hawaii isn’t all we do; we also provide local services like public warehousing and local trucking in order to be a One-Stop Shop for our customers’ transportation needs. DHX - Dependable Hawaiian Express opened facilities in Los Angeles in 1980, Oakland in 1981, Seattle in 1987, Guam in 1989, Honolulu, Oahu in 1992, Kahului, Maui in 1996 and the Kona side of the Big Island in 2006.
Striving to do a great job as experts in shipping containers to Hawaii, we use the Matson Navigation company as our exclusive carrier for our container shipping to Hawaii and Guam. Why Matson? When it does not make sense economically, we search for and partner with those who we consider among the best to represent us.With newer, more reliable vessels than their competition, and being in the Hawaii trade for over 100 years, we can’t see using others to do what Matson does so well and with such a commitment to the islands.

Being the best and being committed to our communities is part of who we are. Please visit our Ocean Freight services page to see all of our capabilities.

DGX Air Freight - Our History

DGX, an air shipping company, has been in the air freight business now for 20 years. DGX’s air freight shipping started in 1997 as an experiment to determine if our ocean freight shipping customers had a need for air service too. Sure there were other air freight competitors — the largest air shipping company to Hawaii actually refused to do business with us because they viewed us as a potential competitor.

In 20 years, we’ve come far in our quest to grow our air freight service. Our air cargo levels have risen steadily, and we’ve grown both the domestic and international portions of our business.

Recognizing our 20 year anniversary of offering this service, we say a big THANK YOU to all the customers, management and associates who made it possible. Please visit DGX - Dependable Hawaiian Express to see our air freight capabilities.

Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Shipping to and from Hawaii with one of our best assets: Promoting from within

In our last blog post, we discussed the contributions of Ralph Merolla, our previous Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at DHX - Dependable Hawaiian Express, one of The Dependable Companies. With Ralph’s retirement, we say Mahalo and Aloha for his service, even though we will still be working with Ralph in a Sales Guru Emeritus position.

David Bartelt has been promoted to move into Ralph’s position and we feel great about his taking over! David has been with DHX - Dependable Hawaiian Express over 18 years. Prior to joining us, David spent roughly nine years in the trucking industry in Sales. For the first three years with DHX - Dependable Hawaiian Express, David was the Director of Sales in the Los Angeles area. He spent the next five years managing both the Los Angeles and Hawaii Sales efforts.

In 2006, David was promoted to Vice President of National Accounts. We are thrilled that in August this year he was promoted to Senior Vice President of Enterprise Sales, managing the Hawaii and Guam sales efforts for us.

We want to wish David the very best in his new position and good luck with the challenges it will bring!

DHX - Dependable Hawaiian Express has always prided ourselves on being the best of Hawaii shipping and logistics companies. It’s because of our “can-do” attitude as well as our expertise in shipping to Hawaii from the mainland (and shipping from Hawaii to the mainland) and our knowledge of the Hawaiian Islands. Those characteristics separate us from our shipping competition.

After all, it’s where we got our start in 1980, 36 years ago, before our foray into the international and global shipping arena as DGX - Dependable Global Express. DHX - Dependable Hawaiian Express is still our heartbeat.

Whether you ship to Hawaii or you ship to Guam, we’re all about shipping it right!

We’re Dependable. From Start to Finish.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Shipping to and from Hawaii with one of our best assets: Ralph Merolla

If you are deciding which vendor to use for shipping to Hawaii or for your shipping to Guam, you are probably already aware of who DHX - Dependable Hawaiian Express is and what we do. As a leader in Hawaii shipping and Guam shipping, we did not start as the largest or best freight company, but from our incorporation in 1980 until today, we've earned those platitudes.

A large part of the reason is our people. One of our best, Ralph Merolla, who is and has been an integral part of how we got to where we are today, is semi-retiring in a couple of months.

We’ll all miss him!

Ralph Merolla came to DHX - Dependable Hawaiian Express when we acquired the company he was working for in 1981. His role at that point was with the Northern California Sales department. He eventually worked his way up including roles as as Oakland Terminal Manager, Regional Terminal and Sales Manager, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, and today, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

But here’s the important point: it didn't matter what type of customer you were. If you were shipping a container to Hawaii, delivering a smaller shipment or needing a “shipping to Hawaii cost,” Ralph always stepped in to help, looking for creative ways to help you minimize shipping and logistics costs. All this with an eye to helping you grow your business.

He eventually helped build the DHX - Dependable Hawaiian Express infrastructure and special culture that provides the same excellent service with the same positive attitude today.

Ralph is one of the top members of our management team. To those that work with him or for him, Ralph is a great mentor, coach, and friend.

In 34 years we have never heard him raise his voice. We have only heard him make positive remarks unless he was requested to give his opinion on something. At which point he was honest.

He never seemed to have any ulterior motives; the actions he took were taken with the company’s best interest at heart. He’s DHX - Dependable Hawaiian Express through and through. His responses to questions over the years, plus training, coaching and mentoring, have left a permanent imprint on our culture and who we are.

Ralph will still be working with us, but in a reduced role in his semi-retirement. We are thrilled that he will still assist our customers and us.

That being said, these are huge shoes he leaves to fill, and Ralph’s successor has some catching up to do! After all, his replacement has only been with us 18+ years and is still wet behind the ears.

We’ll miss you Ralph!

Thank you for all your years of service and for making us the winner we are today!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

America is great and can be better

We at DHX - Dependable Hawaiian Express and Dependable Global Express try to be “apolitical.”

Someone asked me why we sponsored the radio coverage in Hawaii of the Republican Debates leading up to their national convention. The debates and related primary process are healthy for America. Plus I believed it was the best use of our advertising dollars.

Given the manner in which the candidates were bashing each other, complete with name-calling, derogatory remarks and other “misbehavior,” it was incredibly astonishing, humorous and sad entertainment. We were surprised by the bitterness of the rhetoric, but found the various scenarios enlightening and the unfolding thoroughly entertaining. For our advertising dollar, I felt it was good use of our monies with great exposure.

We’re getting ready to sponsor the Democratic Convention, too. This time we’re sponsoring the Democratic Convention so our Democrat Party constituency out there among our customers does not feel we’re playing favorites. We’re not. We’re balanced.

I have two main thoughts about what I have been listening to in the past few months:

  • The Office of the Presidency is one of the most powerful positions in the world. It should not be disrespected. Those running for office should act the part, so as to not reduce the office in stature or reputation.
  • Being president of both DHX-Dependable Hawaiian Express and DGX (Dependable Global Express) I have traveled the world. A conclusion reached, and I know I am biased: America is the greatest country of all the countries I have been to. Others are good, but honestly, our freedoms, rights, and processes of civilization including the flow of foods, medicines and trade are unparalleled in the rest of the world. AMERICA IS GREAT. (That does not mean we couldn’t do better.)

Thanks for listening to my explanation and thank you for your business!

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

When Capacity Issues Thwart the Best Laid Plans

Pasha Hawaii (Pasha) recently took over the ocean carriage and shipping from Horizon Lines (RIP) to/from the US Mainland and Hawaii. Pasha announced numerous changes to the ship to Hawaii sailing schedules and attempted to hit the ground running while reducing staff previously employed by Horizon Lines (Horizon) and not taking on all of Horizons systems.

We like Pasha and we like what they stand for – the American dream of a family-owned business making it big. We know they need to be successful in shipping. But thus far the sound of their boots hitting the ground are a distinctive thud.

Because of service interruptions and schedule changes made by Pasha, Matson Navigation Co. (Matson) has been plotting its own changing course in Hawaii delivery.

Matson has taken over the Alaska trade from Horizon, but Alaska is not known for many trade route shipping issues, and it’s not our core business like Hawaii. What DHX-Dependable Hawaiian Express does know is that Matson has increased the number of vessels serving Hawaii, from nine to eleven, a 22% gain in capacity.

Matson now suffers from space issues in their Hawaii terminal, and chassis shortages in Hawaii. The two problems combined have limited Matson’s ability to get vessels into Hawaii because of too little space for their equipment. They are so cramped they have started giving Young Brothers outer island container loads so Matson is not using their terminal space to store outer island containers. Matson also did this so Matson could then get the chassis back to reuse in Matson’s own “container mounting on chassis” efforts.

This is lots of extra work to keep the propellers turning in a clogged sea of containers. It has turned into quite a quagmire for Pasha and for Matson. Matson certainly isn’t running like the Swiss railroad; they’re congested and their on-time performance is suffering. That said, Matson remains fluid and is taking a lot of steps to improve their timeliness.

DHX-Dependable Hawaiian Express knows Pasha has also made numerous positive moves to shore up their service. The results are starting to show in a positive way.

For those of you watching the shipping and logistics industry, the issues should be short-lived. The folks at Matson will react and take necessary measures to keep merchandise flowing to Hawaii, albeit in the short term, with minor delays. Pasha too will rise to the occasion with the necessary corrections to ensure their new systems and operations function as they should.

We have lots of smart people in the ocean shipping business to Hawaii who are facing challenges in the next couple of months. We remain confident that all will be better by then.

Friday, June 05, 2015

Welcome Aboard Pasha!

DHX-Dependable Hawaiian Express just wants to say “Welcome aboard” to the new container shipping services that Pasha Group is bringing to the Hawaiian Islands.

It’s our perspective that Horizon Lines as a publicly-held company was desperately trying to increase their market share, however they did not understand the importance of making a profit for shareholders. It’s our genuine hope that Pasha Group will help stabilize and bring sensibility to the shipping trade to Hawaii regarding pricing and long-term survival.

Our fingers are crossed that Pasha Group did not pick up the “bad apples” Horizon Lines had accumulated in management along the way. With that management group in place and sales and pricing suspect, Horizon Lines could not make a profit and eventually went out of business. No one should subject themselves to an unstable, unprofitable model with the potential to afflict themselves with the same infection.

That being said, best of luck to you, Pasha Group!

We believe that you coming to Hawaii is a very positive development for all!